Food Scales

Just about any establishment in the food service industry needs a food scale. Delis, bakeries, and butcher shops need a way to tell how much to charge for the ingredients they've expended, so they require a food scale that is legal for trade. Restaurants, diners, steakhouses and more need to get a general measurement of how much meat is going into a hamburger patty, or how much a steak weighs. These restaurants will be better suited by a portion scale. But regardless of your specific need, just about any food service establishment needs a food scale, and at Burkett we carry a large variety of them.

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Which scale should I buy?

The answer to that depends on personal preference and need. Digital scales are versatile, relatively small, and very quick with the results. But they do need batteries or electricity and may require a bit of training time to use them properly. Baker's Scales are good for bulk items but not so much for smaller amounts. They are easy to clean and highly durable. However, they can be time consuming with adding, removing, or moving weights to measure. Mechanical Scales are very easy to use and read. Exact measurements are a little harder to get because the needle make shake slightly. It is better to leave a mechanical scale in one place since moving it around could cause the unit to need recalibration.