Fry Cutters

From straight to curly, it's easy to find the perfect cut of potato for your needs. Potatoes are a staple in many establishments, being great for a variety of dishes and side dishes and a potato cutter can make it easy to get them into the forms and shapes you want in no time.

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What is the difference between heavy-duty and standard duty cutters?

Standard-duty cutters are simple manual units that are intended to speed up the fry cutting process.  The cutters can usually be mounted to walls or countertops for stability and easy operation.  Heavy-duty cutters come in electric, air-powered, and manual options. These are intended for high-volume businesses that produce many orders of fries per day.  

Are the cutting blades interchangeable?

Yes! One of the many benefits of purchasing a fry cutter is the countless blade options available.  Most cutters come with one set of blades and push block, additional blades and pusher blocks can be purchased separately to give a multitude of fry sizes.  Make sure to check with unit’s manufacturer to ensure a guaranteed fit of blade options.