Meat Slicers

The addition of a commercial meat slicer to your kitchen or deli can save prep time, labor and food costs, while ensuring all meats and cheese are cut uniformly. Whether your chefs are sandwich artists or you're looking for a way to make your food prep more efficient, a commercial meat slicer is a great way to speed up slicing juicy roast beef or to slice the perfect thickness of cheese every time to compliment signature dishes. Patrons will love knowing that their meats and cheeses are cut fresh in your establishment instead of arriving prepackaged! Available in automatic models for kitchens that anticipate continual use, and manual models for kitchens that may only slice items as each dish requires, no matter what your kitchen is cooking there is an option for you.

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Can a Meat Slicer cut frozen meat?

It's not wise to cut fully frozen meats but semi-frozen meats should be fine in most machines. Before you purchase a machine, check what it is capable of before an accident happens to your slicer or just the meat. When cutting semi-frozen meat, use caution to prevent slipping and chipping.

Can a Meat Slicer cut cheese?

Meat slicers are capable of slicing cheese and other items though automatic meat slicers are generally more efficient than manual slicers at this task.