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Back Bar Coolers

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A bartender is only as good as the tools they're equipped with. Back Bar Refrigerators provide immeasurable support keeping booze, mixers, garnishes and drinkware nicely chilled. They're Undercounter Refrigerators, meaning that these coolers are conveniently located within arm's reach while not taking up precious countertop workspace.

1. Glass Doors vs. Solid Doors?

Glass doors allow you and the customer to see what is available and where it is, this allows you to easily find what you are looking for even before opening the doors. Solid doors can be ideal when you have garnishes or open products such as juices or garnishes that do not need to be seen by the customer.

2. Can I place my Back Bar Cooler against the wall?

That depends, if you have a back bar cooler with front ventilation then the answer is 'yes'. Front ventilation allows for placement against walls or other units for space saving. If your unit has rear ventilation then you are required to have at least 6" of space between the wall and the unit for proper ventilation to take place.

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