Back Bar Cabinets and Coolers

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Back bar coolers and refrigerators keep beer, mixers, garnishes and drinkware chilled to perfection and ready to serve.

Keep everything your bartenders need within arm's reach, without taking up space in a busy environment. Back bar coolers are designed to conveniently fit in the existing space under your bar. Stocking bottled beverages near the bar shouldn't take up extra room or clog up busy walkways. These units are also great for holding garnishes, mixers, wine, and more.

Commercial back bar coolers and refrigerators come in various sizes, designs, and configurations to fit your needs. Our selection of coolers come in one, two, and three door models, with some featuring security locks to keep your product safe during and after operating hours. Burkett offers solid, glass, swing, and sliding door options, as well as black and stainless steel finishes to best fit your bar's aesthetic. Back bar coolers with glass doors are very popular because they allow customers to see exactly what they're ordering, and showcase the variety of drinks your bar carries. Solid doors provide a cleaner appearance and can easily blend in with existing bar refrigerators.

Consider the space you have available when shopping for the perfect back bar refrigerator for your bar. Swing door back bar coolers are great for wider areas that permit the opening of a door. Swing doors allow full access to the cooler's contents, but sliding doors are often a better fit for more crowded areas. Burkett has bar coolers for sale from top industry brands such as True Refrigeration, Turbo Air, and more. Connect with one of our industry-experienced sales representatives to find the perfect back bar cooler to support your bar or restaurant.

Some units do not provide a bottle opener or bottle cap catcher, so be sure to add them to your cart. Make sure your bar or restaurant is ready to provide the best customer experience with Burkett's selection of bar supplies, glassware, and other underbar equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Back Bar Coolers & Refrigerators

What is a back bar cooler?

Back bar coolers are refrigeration units that are used in bars, restaurants, hotels, and more to provide easy storage and access for beer bottles, cans, and more. They feature a low-profile design that is able to be fit easily underneath any standard bar. Back bar refrigerators come in a variety of configurations for different environments, with some featuring glass doors that allow staff and customers alike to easily see the products available inside.

Should I choose a glass door back bar cooler or solid door back bar cooler?

Back bar coolers with glass doors allow you and the customer to see what is available and where it is, this allows you to easily find what you are looking for even before opening the doors. Solid doors can be ideal when you have garnishes or open products such as juices or other mixers that do not need to be seen by the customer.

What finish is best?

Deciding the right finish for your bar refrigeration is largely dependent on personal preference. There are a few differences between the two standard finishes.

  • Stainless steel - This exterior finish is sleek and durable. It won't dent or rust, but does require some amount of cleaning to keep it shiny since fingerprints and smudges will be easily visible.
  • Black laminate - While this finish is slightly less durable than stainless steel, it is an excellent cost effective material. Plus, it won't show scratches or smudges that may accumulate over time.

Can I place my back bar cooler against the wall?

That depends, if you have a back bar cooler with front ventilation then the answer is 'yes'. Front ventilation allows for placement against walls or other units for space saving. If your unit has rear ventilation then you are required to have at least 6" of space between the wall and the unit for proper ventilation to take place.

Other Refrigeration Options

If a back bar cooler isn't quite what you're looking for, or if you want something else to add alongside a back bar cooler, we have you covered. Burkett has a variety of other bar refrigeration like commercial bottle coolers, keg coolers, and glass frosters. We also have additional refrigeration options such as commercial undercounter refrigerators and commercial worktop refrigerators that will fit in a compact space like a back bar cooler.