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Organize, chill, and serve bottled beverages with a commercial bottle cooler.

Commercial bottle coolers provide convenient storage for canned or bottled beer, soda, water, and other beverages. These bottle coolers are perfect for busy establishments due to their compact design and top opening lids. Keeping drinks perfectly chilled and within reach will benefit your business and allow bartenders to quickly access and serve bottled drinks. These commercial refrigerators come with one to four sliding lid compartments, and are a great addition to your backbar display. Choose from a black vinyl finish or a durable stainless steel exterior to fit your bar's existing equipment. Commercial bar refrigerators are essential, and each variation offers different benefits.

Commercial bottle coolers fit behind your bar to save space in your serving area. They also help organize beer, wine, and other bottled beverages for ease of access during peak service times. Burkett supplies a variety of commercial bottle coolers with features like stainless steel countertops, vinyl coated bin dividers, and forced air cooling to ensure the coldest beverages are served first. Commercial bar refrigeration ensures your bar, restaurant, or café is serving the best quality of drinks, and purchasing a cooler for beer bottles is one of many great options to choose from.

Be sure to note if your commercial bottle cooler comes with a bottle opener and bottle cap catcher. Both will be essential for smooth service. Burkett also offers bar organization and sanitation supplies, as well as other bartender tools and accessories that can help your staff serve delicious cold beverages quickly and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Bottle Coolers

Is a bottle cooler the same as a back bar cooler?

Although bottle coolers and back bar coolers are both great for chilling cans and bottles, bottle coolers are ideal for just that. You can easily store and organize a large amount of bottles or cans and keep them at ideal temperatures for beverage storage. They allow top access rather than front access and generally feature dividers rather than wire shelves. Beer bottle coolers are an excellent choice for bars and clubs because of the easy access and simple setup.

What size commercial bottle cooler should I get?

Since commercial bottle coolers are designed to hold canned and bottled beverages, their capacity will be listed by how many cases they can hold. Decide what size bottle cooler you will need based on the variety of bottled beverages on your menu, as well as your restaurant or bar's volume of sale. You'll want to be able to have plenty of chilled beverages on hand to truly benefit from the convenience of a commercial bottle cooler.

How does a commercial bottle cooler work?

Most commercial bottle coolers have forced air refrigeration that chill the cans and bottles on top first, which is great when you stock because the items on the top will be chilled quickly and ready for customer consumption. They also usually feature a cap opener and catcher (or one can be installed) for quick turn-around service in a few fluid movements. Sliding lids make these horizontal units easy to access.

Other Refrigeration Options

Burkett has plenty of other refrigeration options to go with your commercial bottle cooler. Check out our selection of back bar coolers, keg coolers, undercounter refrigerators, and more.