Commercial Wine Coolers

Chill and display bottles of wine and champagne at the perfect serving temperatures in a commercial wine cooler.

Commercial wine merchandisers are sleek refrigerated merchandisers that are designed to meet the refrigeration needs specific to wine. These modern looking units are factory balanced to maintain consistent interior temperatures. Many full-sized units also feature illuminated "wine" graphics to grab the attention of customers. In order to maintain the optimal taste, different types of wine must be kept in a specific temperature range. All great chefs know that the right wine pairing can make or break a great meal, but the wine must also be served properly. Wine that is held at too cool of a temperature can lose flavor, so it's important to understand the needs of the wine you're serving. Some wine merchandisers feature zoned temperature controls to allow you to store white and red wine at different temperatures in one unit. Make sure you have plenty of wine glasses and corkscrews as well so you’re ready to serve your perfectly chilled wine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Wine Coolers

What temperature should different types of wine be held at?

Each type of wine should be held in a specific temperature range for the ideal taste. This is a list of the most common recommended temperatures for each type.

  • Full-Bodied Reds: 60° - 65°F
  • Light and Medium Reds: 55° - 60°F
  • Rosé: 50° - 55°F
  • Dry Whites: 50° - 55°F
  • Sweet Whites: 45° - 50°F
  • Sparkling Wine: 40° - 45°F

Is there a difference between a commercial wine cooler and a merchandiser refrigerator?

Yes, wine coolers are very different from merchandiser refrigerators. Wine coolers are made to hold a much higher temperature than merchandiser refrigerators, as wine should be help from 40° - 60°F, while perishable foods require significantly lower temperatures. You cannot store perishable foods in a wine cooler. Likewise, you should not store wine in a food and drink merchandiser, as it will be far too cold. They also have very different shelving, with wine coolers being specifically designed to hold and display bottles of wine.

Can you store different types of wine at the same temperature?

Yes, while there are recommended temperatures for each type of wine, there is no harm in storing different types at the same temperature. Simply choose the median of the recommended temperatures if you need to store multiple types. It is, however, not recommended to store wines with marginally different temperature needs (such as a champagne with rich reds) for the sake of their taste. Wine will not go bad if stored at the refrigeration temperature of a different wine type, but the temperature recommendations are still important to consider so that you are not serving customers bad-tasting wine.

Other Refrigerated Merchandising Options

Burkett has a wide selection of other refrigerated merchandisers and bar coolers. Merchandising refrigerators are perfect for merchandising of all of your perishable food items, and come in a variety of sizes and styles. There are also merchandiser freezers for your frozen goods as well. If you’re looking to sell beer along with wine, check out back bar coolers, bottle coolers, and keg coolers to find the perfect model for your needs.