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Blast Chillers

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Everyone in the foodservice industry knows exactly what the “danger zone” for food is (40°F - 140°F) and what it can do to your reputation and business if you have food temperatures that linger there too long. Foods left for too long in the "danger zone" can cause bacteria to grow, leaving patrons ill. Blast chillers and shock freezers help by rapidly bringing these food temperatures below the "danger zone" for storage. That's why Burkett carries a wide variety of blast chillers to help you quickly bring foods down to a safe temperature, so you can focus on running a successful business.

What is a Blast Chiller?

Blast chillers are designed to minimize the time that cooked food spends in the “danger zone” to ensure that it is as safe as possible. Most local health codes even mandate that cooked food either be immediately served or brought down to a safe temperature in a certain amount of time. Blast chillers will bring cooked foods down to below 40°F in a set amount of time and often are the only way to effectively meet these health codes.

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