Commercial Blast Chillers

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Chill bulk foods quickly for optimal food safety with a commercial blast chiller.

Commercial blast chillers, also known as shock freezers, can be a great asset to any industrial kitchen, especially commissary kitchens where large batches of food need to be made and chilled daily. Bringing your food from a hot cooking temperature, and out of the temperature "danger zone" in the right amount of time is the only way to be sure you aren't harboring harmful bacteria that puts your patrons at risk of illness. Blast freezers are designed for just this function. They are more powerful than a walk-in cooler or reach in refrigerator and are specifically made to rapidly cool product to meet NSF 7 standards for safe food preparation.

Burkett is certain to have any size or style of blast freezer for sale to fit your commercial kitchen's volume of service and available space. Operations looking to cool a few dozen pounds at a time would benefit from our compact undercounter blast chillers, while other larger units are capable of cooling upwards of a hundred pounds at a time. It is important to compare shock freezer sizes to ensure you won't overload the unit, which could slow pull down times.

These units can also be used to chill other items, such as salad plates or bottled beverages, so be sure to browse our selection and take into consideration the varying uses and value of a blast chiller for your business. Check out our blast chillers from great brands like Delfield.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Blast Chillers

What is a commercial blast chiller?

Blast chillers are designed to minimize the time that cooked food spends in the “danger zone” to ensure that it is as safe as possible. Most local health codes even mandate that cooked food either be immediately served or brought down to a safe temperature in a certain amount of time. The blast chill refrigeration style will bring cooked foods down to below 40°F in a set amount of time and often are the only way to effectively meet these health codes.

How does a commercial blast chiller work?

By circulating cold air over and around food items placed inside, shock freezers are able to quickly pull temperatures below 40°F. This method also reduces the formation of ice crystals on food. This ensures that when food is defrosted, excess moisture won't be released, which can negatively impact texture and taste.

Why not use a standard refrigerator?

Commercial blast freezers are a more powerful refrigeration unit than other commercial refrigerators. They are specifically designed to pull temperatures from cooking temperatures, below 40°F. Food left above 40°F for more than four hours begins to grow pathogens that can lead to food borne illnesses. With a blast chiller, you no longer have to worry about the dangers of improperly chilled food. Taking food from the oven or stove, directly to a blast chiller takes the guess work out of the cooling process.

What size commercial blast chiller do I need?

Blast chillers are listed by the amount of food they can safely chill at one time. Choosing the right unit based on the volume of food you will need to cool ensures that it will perform properly. Overloading a commercial blast chiller can slow the cool down time, so it's important to note each unit's capabilities.

Other Commercial Freezer Options

If a blast chiller isn’t quite what you’re looking for, we also have a selection of more traditional freezer options like reach-in freezers, undercounter freezers, and worktop freezers.