Chef Base Refrigerators

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Build the perfect cook line with a chef base refrigerator.

Finding refrigerated storage without sacrificing work space is a dilemma many commercial kitchens face. Commercial chef base refrigerators solve this problem by combining cold food storage and countertop space. The low-profile design of a refrigerated chef base provides the perfect countertop for your cooking equipment. Chef base refrigerators are designed to withstand the heat of cooking equipment.

Choose from left or right mounted refrigeration, number of drawers, single or multiple sections, and various height options to perfectly fit your space and cook line needs. Keep meats, veggies, and other pre-prepped foods close to the cooking station with this multi-functional commercial refrigerator. With a chef base refrigerator your commercial kitchen will be serving delicious, safe food and keeping orders flowing smoothly from start to finish. It's hard to beat the convenience of a chef base refrigerator that provides valuable refrigerated storage and a sturdy cook station. Burkett has a great selection of refrigerated chef bases from top brands like True Refrigeration, Turbo-Air, Delfield, and SEAGATE.

Chef base refrigerator buying considerations

  • Size - Our smallest chef bases span in width from 26" to 37", while larger units can be up to 170". Before buying your chef base, determine the size of the countertop cooking equipment you'll be installing. The cook station's overall height should not be overlooked. Your chef base refrigerator's advertised height does not take into account any equipment stacked on top of it.
  • Environment - These refrigeration units can maintain food-safe temperatures in higher temperature environments since they are intended to hold cooking equipment. You will still need to make sure that there is enough room for air to circulate, so pay attention to where the refrigeration system is located and set aside some room for breathing. Since chef bases are among of the busiest refrigerators in a commercial kitchen, it will also be beneficial to have a regular cleaning routine to make sure the compressor is not overloaded.
  • Ventilation - Make sure there is enough room for this unit to sit underneath your ventilation hoods as cooking equipment will be housed and operated on top of your chef base. Cooking conditions will be substantially hotter and riskier if cooking equipment is kept outside of the hoods. Many commercial cooktops use gas hookups to heat meals, which requires adequate ventilation to protect the safety of your staff.
  • Flat vs. Raised edge - A chef base's raised edges aid in spill containment and prevent cooking items from sliding while in use. In limited spaces, flat edges let you make the most of the available workspace.
  • Storage needs - To develop the ideal work flow, it can be challenging to balance your available space and necessary equipment. When designing your ideal cook line, take into account the storage requirements for both food items and kitchenware, such as stock pots, pans, and utensils. However, chef base refrigerators do not offer the same amount of cookware storage as a typical equipment table would. A chef base refrigerator is useful for keeping fresh food close by to be cooked.