Chef Base Freezers

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Maximize workflow at the cook line by storing your food right where it's cooked with a chef base freezer.

Chef base freezers allow you to keep frozen meats, vegetables, and pre-prepped meals close to the cook station. The tops of these units are designed to support the weight and heat of commercial cooking equipment. Place your griddles, hot plates, or grills on top of any chef base freezer to streamline the cooking process by keeping your food storage right under your countertop cooking equipment. Save time and energy by eliminating unnecessary trips to the walk-in. With a chef base freezer, cooks can stock food pans before peak service times and pull ingredients to cook without leaving their station.

Burkett offers several different size and storage capacity options to fit your commercial kitchen's needs. Keep all of your frozen foods chilled properly and within easy reach with a commercial chef base freezer. We stock options from top-of-the line refrigeration brands like Delfield, Turbo Air, True Refrigeration and more.

Chef base freezer buying considerations

  • Size - Our smallest chef base freezers range in width from 26" to 37", while larger units can be up to 170". Establish the size of the countertop cooking equipment you'll be installing before purchasing your chef base. It's important to consider the total height of the cook station. The quoted height of your chef base freezer does not include any equipment stacked on top of it.
  • Environment - Since they are designed to house cooking equipment, these refrigeration units can maintain food-safe temperatures in situations with greater than average temperatures. Pay attention to where the refrigeration system is positioned and leave some space for breathing. You still need to make sure that there is enough room for air to flow. It will also be beneficial to have a regular cleaning schedule, ensuring that the compressor is not overwhelmed, because chef bases are among of the busiest freezers in a commercial kitchen.
  • Ventilation - As cooking equipment will be housed and operated on top of your chef base, make sure there is enough space for this unit to sit underneath your ventilation hoods. If cooking equipment is stored outside of the hoods, cooking conditions will be hotter and more hazardous. Many commercial cooktops use gas hookups to heat meals, which calls for appropriate ventilation for the safety of your staff.
  • Flat vs. Raised edge - Raised edges on a chef base help collect spills and stop cooking utensils from sliding while in use. Flat edges allow you to maximize the usable workspace in smaller spaces.
  • Storage needs - Balancing your available space and necessary equipment in order to create the optimum work flow can be difficult. Consider the storage needs for food products as well as kitchenware, such as stock pots, pans, and utensils, when planning your ideal cook line. Chef base freezers don't provide as much space for storing cookware as a standard equipment table would. Fresh food can be stored nearby to be cooked with the help of a chef base freezer.