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Chest Freezers

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Commercial chest freezers are especially useful for back of the house storage. They aren't particularly attractive but can efficiently store a lot of product. When considering which commercial chest freezer will work best for you, there are several key features that merit keeping in mind. The first is the type of lid or door it has. Sliding doors take much less vertical space to open, but you can only access half of the freezer at a time. Flip-up lids or doors give you access to the entire chest freezer, but you need to be sure to leave enough clearance above to allow the door to open.

It is also important to evaluate the overall size and compressor location of any potential commercial chest freezer. Obviously, the dimensions of the chest freezer will determine how much you can store inside it and whether it will fit into the space you have allotted for it, but you will also need to make sure that there is at least six inches of clearance around the side of the freezer where the compressor is located. Without this clearance, the compressor will have to work harder than normal and it can and will eventually burn out costing you hundreds of dollars to fix.

Perfect for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of overhead or vertical storage space, commercial chest freezers are a great way to store a variety of frozen products. These exceptional, horizontal freezers come in a variety of styles and sizes, from glass top chest freezers that are great for easy product location to longer models with flip up lids that are similar to the traditional chest freezers you might find in a basement or a garage. No matter what size or style you need, Burkett is sure to have the perfect commercial chest freezer for your establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Chest Freezers

What's the difference between a chest freezer and glass top freezer?

The difference between these two items is the lids. Glass top freezers are used to display items attractively to possible customers while maintaining appropriate temperatures to maintain freshness. Chest freezers are used to store frozen foods, which is great for back-of-house applications.

What types of food items are ideal for a glass top freezer?

These units are commonly used for frozen treats such as ice cream tubs, popsicles, and frozen fruit. Since its contents can be seen through the glass lid, this is great for pushing current sale items, whether it be single frozen meals, vegetables, or smoothie blends.

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