Drop-In Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets

Turn any countertop into easy access for tubs of delicious ice cream with a drop-in ice cream dipping cabinet.

These versatile units can be used to hold tubs of hard ice cream in any back of house or self-serve location. Streamline the serving process by filling a drop-in ice cream dipping cabinet with the most popular flavors of ice cream. Whether you want to keep your ice cream easy to access for your employees behind the counter or in the kitchen or if you wish to offer self-serve ice cream scooping in a buffet or cafeteria, a drop-in dipping cabinet is the perfect choice. Save on floor space thanks to the drop-in design of these ice cream freezers. Many models will feature removable lids for easy cleaning and stocking, as well as flange gaskets to securely hold the unit in your existing countertops. Easily fill your freezer with a new tub when one runs out with no hassle, so your ice cream is always available. The lids keep the cold in so your ice cream stays perfectly frozen until ready to scoop. With our selection of high-quality, durable stainless steel drop-in ice cream freezers, you'll be sure to find the perfect fit for your business. Make sure to also stock up on your ice cream supplies like ice cream scoops, dipper wells, topping stations, pumps, and other supplies, ice cream cone dispensers, and more.

Where can I place a drop-in ice cream dipping cabinet?

Drop-in ice cream dipping cabinets can be placed in any countertop cutout of the appropriate size. The cutout size required depends on the unit you choose and can be found on each model’s spec sheet. It is also important to note how much room you have below the countertop, to ensure that the entire drop-in cabinet is able to fit below. Drop-in ice cream dipping cabinets require a large amount space below the countertop to fit both the ice cream storage and the refrigeration unit. It will also be extremely important to install ventilation in your cabinet to keep the unit from overheating. Vents (or louvers) are included with most models but must be installed separately from the rest of the unit.

Other Ice Cream Equipment

If you’re planning to serve ice cream in your establishment, there are a variety of great options to do so properly. Make sure you have all of the right equipment for your business’s needs. If you want to make your own ice cream for the freshest taste, check out our soft serve ice cream machines and commercial batch freezers. If you need a dipping cabinet but prefer a stand alone unit to a drop-in one for a better display or larger storage capacity, we have a variety of ice cream dipping cabinets that make it easy to store, serve, and display tubs of ice cream. We also have frost tops and cold slabs that are a perfect addition to any ice cream parlor to keep your ice cream frozen while adding and mixing in toppings and different flavors! No matter if ice cream is your primary business or just a dessert option, Burkett has all of the right equipment and supplies to make your business a success.