Frost Tops & Cold Slabs

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Prepare ice cream or keep buffet items cold with a frost top & cold slab.

Frost tops, also called cold slabs, are perfect for buffets, ice cream parlors, and restaurants looking to add a cold display area. Keep your cold items on display while maintaining ideal temperatures. Frost tops allow customers to watch as their ice cream is prepared. Staff can mix-in toppings on the cold slab without worrying about the product melting as they work.

Frequently Asked Questions About Frost Tops & Cold Slabs

What are the common uses for a frost top & cold slab?

Frost tops are designed to be a short term cold display. They can be used for holding puddings, cakes, or other cold items on a buffet. They are also commonly used as a space to mix toppings into ice cream. As their name implies, frost tops will form a layer of frost on the surface that helps keep food items cold. Unlike a refrigerator, these units are not made to cool items, but rather to maintain cold holding temperatures of already cold food. Menu items should be thoroughly cooled before they are placed on the cold slab. Additionally, it is best practice to hold non-potentially hazardous food items with a cold slab. Highly perishable food items could lose integrity if not fully chilled well below the temperature danger zone before reaching the buffet. Frost tops slow, but do not prevent the warming process in ambient temperatures.

How does a frost top & cold slab work?

Cold slabs will use a stainless steel or granite sheet to cool trays, bowls, or food items that sit on top of it. Tightly wound refrigeration coils under this slab create a frosty layer on top of the unit. Frost tops are set below the frost point (the minimum temperature required for frost to form) and are generally factory set at 25&degF. For higher ambient temperatures, this setting may need to be lowered. Installation is key, since the unit must be perfectly level in order to keep cold air, and food items on top of the cold slab. A recessed top will capture this chilled air to keep food products cooled longer.

Should I buy a drop-in cold slab, or a mobile frost top & cold slab?

The biggest difference to consider when looking for a drop-in or mobile frost top, is whether or not it will benefit your business to be able to move the unit. For buffets with rotating menus, you may want to be able to move the unit based on what you're serving that day. This can also be an asset for catering services since the frost top can be transported to a separate location. A drop in unit is great for its smaller profile and convenient location. These frost tops can be placed directly on the make line, or in a stationary self-service station. The frost top function of both options is the same, so it truly is a decision based on your business' specific needs.

Other Ice Cream Equipment

A cold slab alone will not complete an ice cream shop, it is important to ensure that you have all of the essential equipment and supplies you need. For storing and serving tubs of ice cream, check out our selection of ice cream dipping cabinets (also available in drop-in units). If you're looking to make your own ice cream or serve soft-serve ice cream, we have many types of batch freezers and soft-serve ice cream machines. Also - don't forget the ice cream scoops, dipper well, and topping stations!