Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets

Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction

Ice cream dipping cabinets hold gallons of ice cream on display and allow customers to easily see the variety of products offered.

Store bulk hard ice cream or frozen novelties with one of these ice cream dipping cabinets. Any ice cream shop, cafe, or restaurant looking to serve hand dipped ice cream will need one of these ice cream freezers to keep their deserts frozen until they're ready to be served. Some ice cream dipping cabinets hold as few as four cans, while others may hold up to twelve cans, occasionally with extra space underneath for backup storage.

The ice cream dipping cabinet is made for storing and serving ice cream. This is different than ice cream merchandisers, which are chest freezers with a glass top made for retailing frozen novelties and packaged ice cream. Dipping cabinets require a foodservice employee to serve from, while ice cream merchandisers can be self-serve for any customer to choose their product. If you plan to serve hard ice cream in any capacity at your business, the ice cream dipping cabinet is the way to go. You'll be sure to find the perfect size, style, and color to complement your ice cream shop's needs at Burkett Restaurant Supply.

Buying considerations for an ice cream dipping cabinet.

Choose your ice cream dipping cabinet based on how many flavors of ice cream you plan to serve and the space available in your operation. Many units come with great features that will benefit your business and increase the quality of product served such as:

  • Energy-saving heat resistant glass
  • Self-cleaning condensers
  • LED interior lighting
  • ABS night covers
  • Magnetic frost shields
  • Casters

A primary feature of dipping cabinets is a glass window that keeps your ice cream frozen and sanitary while allowing customers to easily see and choose their flavor of ice cream. These can be either curves or flat/straight, but does not affect the function of the dipping cabinet in any way other than style.

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Other Ice Cream Equipment

Want to serve ice cream but don't have the space needed for a free standing unit? Consider a drop-in ice cream dipping cabinet for the same high-quality ice cream experience with a smaller footprint in the kitchen. Drop-in ice cream dipping cabinets can be placed into any countertop with the right sized cutout, granted that there is enough space below the countertop for the full unit and you are able to install louver for ventilation.

Burkett also offers a variety of other equipment like batch freezers (for making hard ice cream) and soft serve ice cream machines to make your own ice cream fresh, and frost top / cold slabs to allow for easy mixing of toppings into ice cream without the ice cream melting.

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