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Curved Glass Display Cases

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Displaying and safely holding food products at the peak of freshness requires a refrigerated display case. Whether your commercial operation is displaying seafood, red meat, poultry, cheeses, or even baked goods and sweets, there is a display case designed just for your needs.

What type of Curved Glass Display Case is right for my establishment?

Curved Glass Display Cases come in three types; refrigerated, non-refrigerated, and dual temperature. The type you need is based on the products you wish to display. Refrigerated types will keep items chilled while non-refrigerated is great for baked goods because it keeps them fresh. Dual Temperature Curved Glass Display Cases are great if you have a variety of items including those that need to be chilled and those that do not. This allows you to keep the different types side-by-side without being concerned about the product being the wrong temperature.

What is a Dual Temperature Curved Glass Display Case?

Dual temperature in Curved Glass Display Cases means that the case has a refrigerated and a dry section, side-by-side. This allows you to store various goods in the same area, making it ideal for bakeries and other such establishments.

Why choose a Curved Glass Display Case over other types?

When you consider the role that merchandising and displays play in the sales of your product, it makes sense that a Curved Glass Display Case is ideal They allow for organized and elegant arrangements and will keep your product fresh. They provide optimal visual contact for the customer to entice them to make a purchase.

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