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Dry & Refrigerated Display Cases

Dry & Refrigerated Display Cases safely hold fresh bakery and deli goods at their required temperature for peak freshness. These display cases also help guard against airborne contaminations like dust, debris, and typical human interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dry & Refrigerated Display Cases:

What type of display case is best for my establishment?

Curved Glass Display Cases come in three types; refrigerated, non-refrigerated, and dual temperature. The type you need is based on the products you wish to display. Refrigerated types will keep items chilled while non-refrigerated is great for baked goods because it keeps them fresh. Dual Temperature Curved Glass Display Cases are great if you have a variety of items including those that need to be chilled and those that do not. This allows you to keep the different types side-by-side without being concerned about the product being the wrong temperature.

What are the benefits of a curved glass display case?

When you consider the role that merchandising and display cases have in the sales of your product, it makes sense that a curved glass display case is ideal. These display cases provide optimal visual contact of products for the customer, enticing them to make a purchase. They also allow for organized and elegant arrangements that will keep your products fresh.

What is the difference between a single duty and double duty deli case?

Single duty deli cases have one refrigerated compartment that keeps the displayed foods at the proper temperature so foods stay ready to serve. Double duty cases include an additional lower compartment that can be used for bulk storage.

Can foods be left in my refrigerated display case overnight?

If you have the correct display case for the items merchandised, yes. There are refrigerated display cases for deli items, baked goods, and confectionary cases to keep each food type at their optimal temperature.