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Open Air Merchandisers

Open air merchandisers force a stream of air, or air curtain, across the opening of the unit to keep cold air inside. Their open design makes it easy to grab and go, so these kinds of coolers are perfect for impulse buys and self-service. Like most merchandisers, these units specialize in displaying products clearly to customers, simplifying the purchasing process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Open Air Merchandisers

What's the difference between a glass door merchandiser and an open air merchandiser?

The difference here lies in the presentation of goods. Open air merchandisers omit the presence of a door, adding more visibility to the contents and making them easier for customers to reach. These units are usually good for refrigerated food items with shorter shelf life, like fresh salads, fruit assortments, sandwiches, deli sandwiches. Open air merchandisers are also great for pushing grab-and-go snacks.

Does open air merchandisers have lighting?

Open display merchandisers have lighting unless otherwise noted. Within the recent years, vendors have opted for LED lighting in their units, lasting longer and brighter than the traditional bulbs used. Safety shielded fluorescent lighting has been a staple for interior lighting in the past. Check your prospective product’s spec sheet to confirm lighting options.

Can I leave food in a an open air merchandiser overnight?

Products can be left in open air merchandiser overnight, however we recommend purchasing a night cover option.

Are open air merchandisers for pre-packaged goods only?

Yes, these units are for displaying pre-packaged goods, only.