Commercial Refrigerator / Freezer Parts & Accessories

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Shop commercial refrigerator or freezer parts and accessories to find solutions for your refrigeration equipment upgrade and repair needs.

Burkett has a wide selection of commercial refrigerator shelves, freezer shelves, gaskets, refrigerator shelf clips, wobble wedges, and casters to outfit your commercial reach-in refrigerator or commercial reach-in freezer. Torn gaskets, broken shelves, and missing parts are just a few issues that may occur over time from the daily wear and tear of a busy commercial kitchen. Often times, these simple repairs remain unaddressed due to the inconvenience of finding and ordering the right part. Burkett makes it easy to find any part or upgrade you may need for whichever commercial refrigerator or freezer you use.

We offer refrigerator or freezer parts and accessories from top commercial refrigeration brands like True, Turbo Air, Delfield, SEAGATE, and more. Shop by brand for refrigerator / freezer parts to make the buying process even easier.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Refrigerator / Freezer Parts & Accessories

Are commercial refrigerator or freezer parts and accessories interchangeable between manufacturers?

While some refrigerator and freezer parts and accessories may fit in units that are made by different manufacturers, it is best to keep to the same manufacturer. To ensure that your refrigerator or freezer is working properly, you should always purchase parts and accessories that are specifically made for your unit by the manufacturer.

What kind of commercial refrigerator or freezer parts and accessories are available?

  • Door gaskets - a lining that goes under your door to seal the air inside the unit and avoid cold air leaking out and making the motor run harder than needed. Refrigerator doors typically come with a gasket already installed, but sometimes they need to be replaced from typical wear and tear that occurs from constant use.
  • Shelf clips - easily installable clips to hold shelving in place in the interior of your refrigeration unit.
  • Floor wedges - if your refrigeration unit is unstable due to uneven flooring, a floor wedge (or Wobble Wedge®) can be placed under one side/foot of your unit to keep it stable.
  • Shelves - replacing or adding additional shelving to your refrigerator or freezer is a great option to increase and customize your storage space.
  • Air freshener - commercial refrigerators can have strong odors due to the storing of multiple types of food at once - an air freshener specifically designed for cold environments can help combat odor and help avoid flavor transfer from foods with strong odors.
  • Casters - installing or replacing casters on your refrigeration units can make cleanup and maintenance easier by allowing for convenient movement of an otherwise difficult to move product.

Other Accessories

Burkett also has a wide variety of other parts and accessories for your commercial foodservice equipment. For larger refrigeration units, check out our walk-in cooler / freezer parts & accessories page. If you’re serving ice cream, there are also ice cream machine parts and accessories. Also, for creating more storage in a walk-in cooler/freezer, check out epoxy coated shelving for refrigerated storage that can withstand the moist and cold environment of a walk-in.