Walk-In Cooler / Freezer Parts & Accessories

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Outfit your walk-in with our selection of walk-in cooler / freezer parts & accessories.

Walk-in cooler / freezer parts and accessories help to keep your refrigerator or freezer functioning as it should, as well as health department compliant. Many safety audits require all equipment to be in good repair, and something as simple as a broken light globe or insufficient lighting can cause your business to fail to meet standard food service requirements. Find everything you need to enhance or repair your walk-in cooler or freezer at Burkett.

Expand your walk-in refrigerator or freezer's storage space with epoxy coated shelving designed specifically for refrigeration use. Whether it's a complete shelving unit, or if you mix and match to build your own, Burkett has the right shelving for your walk-in refrigerator or freezer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Walk-in Cooler / Freezer Parts & Accessories

When should I purchase walk-in cooler / freezer parts & accessories?

There are numerous parts and accessories available to restore your walk-in refrigeration system if something goes wrong. However, waiting until anything goes wrong can be damaging, result in product loss, and disrupt your workday. In order to maintain your refrigeration and prevent a disaster, you might want to keep a few essential replacement parts on hand. It is entirely up to you which parts you decide to have on hand.

Are commercial refrigerator and freezer parts and accessories interchangeable between brands?

Even though some parts and accessories for refrigerators and freezers could fit in appliances from different manufacturers, it's recommended to stick to one brand. Always get parts and accessories designed exclusively for your refrigerator or freezer by the manufacturer if you want to make sure it's functioning properly.

What kind of walk-in cooler / freezer parts & accessories are available?

  • Door gaskets - a lining that goes under your door to seal the air inside the unit and avoid cold air leaking out and making the motor run harder than needed. Refrigerator doors typically come with a gasket already installed, but sometimes they need to be replaced from typical wear and tear that occurs from constant use.
  • Light Fixtures - since a walk-in is essential its own room, it is vital to have proper lighting inside. If the lighting goes out or is not adequate, an additional or replacement light fixture can save the day.
  • Strip Door Curtains - when working in a fast paced kitchen, you may not have time to open a door every time you have to retrieve something from the walk-in. Strip door curtains allow for easy entry to the walk-in while keeping some cool air inside during peak times. It is important to note that this does not take the place of a door, but allows you to keep the door open for extended periods of time without major temperature loss.
  • Air freshener - walk-in coolers and freezers can have strong odors due to the storing of multiple types of food at once - an air freshener specifically designed for cold environments can help combat odor and help avoid flavor transfer from foods with strong odors.

Additional Refrigeration Parts & Accessories

Burkett also offers a large range of additional parts and accessories for your commercial foodservice equipment. Visit our commercial refrigerator/freezer parts & accessories page for parts for standard refrigeration units. Ice cream machine parts and accessories are also offered if you serve ice cream. Check for epoxy coated shelving for refrigerated storage if you need to add more storage to a walk-in cooler or freezer, as it can withstand the moist and cold interior.