Dry Display Cases

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Show off your non-perishable baked goods with a dry bakery display case.

Ideal for storing donuts, cookies, bagels, and bread, these display cases are essential for bakeries. While some baked goods may not need to be refrigerated, they still need to be stored and displayed in a bakery case. Dry bakery display cases provide merchandising space, interior lighting for a beautiful display, and protection from outside contaminants. The full-service design of a dry bakery display case allows staff to access product from rear sliding doors. Plus, with options for black, white, or stainless exteriors, and curved or flat glass designs, they are an attractive and useful addition to your bakery, restaurant, or café. Your bakery can't go wrong with a non-refrigerated bakery case from brands like True Manufacturing and Turbo Air.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dry Bakery Display Cases

Do dry bakery display cases have temperature control?

No, there is no refrigeration or other type of temperature control in a dry bakery case. They do keep the moisture and humidity levels low, but the temperature depends on the exterior environment.

Tip: Make sure your products are fully cooled down before placing them into the display case to ensure the humidity levels and temperatures inside the case stay at a good level.

What is the difference between a full-service and self-service bakery case?

Full-service display cases are only accessible through sliding doors on the back, limiting access to the goods to staff members. This ensures no products are being touched by those not purchasing as well as regulates the flow of inventory.

Self-service display cases open from both the front and the back, providing customers with simple access to streamline the process and lessen the need for staff involvement. Self-service cases frequently have accessories like box, bag, and napkin holders to make it simpler for customers to choose their products.

What is the difference between straight glass and curved glass displays?

The main distinction is ultimately one of appearance. Curved glass displays have a sleeker, more elegant appearance and can help customers see products more clearly by reducing glare and reflections. However, they are usually more expensive than straight glass.

What are some common features available with dry bakery display cases?

  • Lighted interiors/shelves: helps you to showcase your products more effectively
  • Adjustable shelves: allows for merchandising of various size products at different times
  • Humidity controls: keeps moisture levels down to keep baked goods fresher, longer
  • Casters: allows for easy movement of display cases for changing setups as well as cleaning under and around the unit