Milk Coolers

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Keep your cafeteria drinks chilled and easy for anyone to grab with a school milk cooler.

School milk coolers are a staple for cafeterias because it allows you to serve chilled drinks in large quantities for students at meal times. Choose between dual and single access door styles, as well as stainless steel or vinyl finishes. All of our milk coolers are shipped with casters so they can be moved easily regardless of size. Consider how many students you plan to serve, and how many milk crates you will need to store at any given time when choosing which milk cooler is right for your cafeteria. Burkett offers school milk coolers from top manufacturers like True Refrigeration and Beverage-Air. For more products for your cafeteria, check out our school kitchen equipment page.

Frequently Asked Questions About School Milk Coolers

How do milk coolers work?

There are two major types of refrigeration for milk coolers. Forced air, and cold wall units each have their own benefits to consider.

  • Forced air - This type of commercial refrigeration uses a fan to circulate cooled air around the interior of the unit. Forced air cooling is versatile and effective regardless of if the unit is fully stocked or not. Fans can be difficult to clean, but this unit will hold temperatures with the lid open or closed. To save space in the unit, choose a forced air milk cooler with a top mounted fan.
  • Cold wall - Milk coolers with a cold wall cooling system with have internal tubes connected to the evaporator to create a cold wall in the unit. Cold wall milk coolers are most effective when they are packed tightly, and with the doors closed, since the wall is the coldest part of the unit. These milk coolers are easy to clean and stock.

How much will a milk cooler hold?

The capacity of a milk cooler varies from cooler to cooler, but each is measured by milk crate capacity. School milk coolers will hold anywhere from 8 to 16 crates. A single milk crate can hold 64 half-pint milk cartons, which is the standard size served in school cafeterias. So, calculating how much your milk cooler will hold is as simple as multiplying the milk crate capacity by 64. For example, an 8 crate capacity cooler will hold 512 milk cartons, and a 16 crate cooler will hold 1,024. Determine how many students will be coming through your lunch line to help you decide which size cooler you need to keep milk available for students to easily grab and keep the line moving.

Do school milk coolers come with bumpers?

Bumpers are not included, but can be added. Contact us to discuss adding bumpers to your milk cooler.

Can I add decals or school logos to my school milk cooler?

Yes! Our dedicated account representatives will be happy to help. Contact us to discuss adding a display or logo to your milk cooler.

More Refrigeration Options

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