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Commercial reach-in refrigerators provide versatile cold storage for a wide variety of applications.

Adding a commercial reach-in refrigerator to your restaurant, café, deli, or cafeteria allows large amounts of food products to be safely stored until they're needed. These units are popular in commercial kitchens for their various uses and configurations that can be tailored to fit your business's needs. Based on the amount of product you need to store, a commercial reach-in refrigerator can be used in addition to a walk-in refrigerator, or it can act as the main storage area in a lower-volume kitchen. Commercial reach-in refrigerators typically come in one, two, and three section units. Smaller models are great in kitchens that don't have a lot of space to dedicate to a refrigeration unit. If your restaurant serves a higher volume of food or has the space for a larger unit, a two or three section unit may be perfect for you.

To add even more convenience, some units feature split or glass doors that allow food items to be organized or displayed in a more efficient manner. Other features that you may benefit from are LED interior lighting, stainless steel or aluminum construction, self-cleaning condensing units, digital temperature display or controls, and Energy Star rated models to help keep energy costs low.

Burkett is proud to offer commercial reach-in coolers from the most trusted names in the industry like True Refrigeration, Turbo Air, SEAGATE, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Reach-in Refrigerators

What can I use a commercial reach-in refrigerator for?

A commercial reach-in refrigerator can be used in the front of house or back of house/prep areas to hold and preserve large amounts of food products at the right temperature. These upright floor model units typically have shelves to organize food products and are NSF rated for holding open food products. With a commercial upright refrigerator, your kitchen can operate smoothly from receiving product, to prep, cooking, and serving. These useful units ensure that your ingredients are properly cooled and ready and available to be served.

Can commercial reach-in refrigerators be placed without clearance?

It is most efficient to place the unit with at least 3" of clearance on all sides. This allows air to flow better, meaning the refrigeration coils will be properly cooled and the compressor will not have to work as hard. This ultimately saves you money and lengthens the life-span of your commercial reach-in refrigerator.

How can I save on energy costs with a commercial reach-in refrigerator?

Think about purchasing an Energy Star rated unit for the best energy efficiency. Energy Star is an easy indicator of energy efficiency, and the type of rating your unit has will dictate how efficiently it can perform. Considering solid and split doors over the convenience of glass doors will also make a difference. Split doors, especially solid ones, allow easy access to products, and reduce the amount of time that doors remain open. If less air escapes the unit, the refrigeration system won't have to work as hard to pull and cool air. The location of the compressor can also affect energy efficiency. Top mounted compressors generate heat away from the cold zone, making the process more efficient.

Additional Refrigeration Options

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