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Undercounter Freezers & Refrigerators

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Under counter refrigerators are a great way to save space in your busy kitchen or bar. These products are designed to fit under most standard height 40" countertops, giving them the nickname of Lowboys. This squat stature both ensures that valuable worktops remain clear while conveniently providing goods within reach.

One thing to note about undercounter refrigerators is that they should not be used a food preparation surface. The tops are made from stainless steel, but they’re not certified as being food-grade, meaning raw food can contaminate the surface. If you desire a similar sized refrigerator that can be used as a prep surface, please take a look at our selection of worktop refrigeration.

What are some of the benefits of purchasing Undercounter Refrigeration rather than a full size unit?

One of the biggest benefits is how much space you'll save. In areas such as kitchens, space is precious and the more efficiently it can be used, the better. Undercounter units fit neatly along with cabinetry, eliminating the need for designating extra room for it. They're also easy to access and some units can hold as much as standing full size units.

I don't have enough storage with my current full size unit, is an Undercounter unit a good solution?

Definitely, an Undercounter Freezer or Refrigerator is a great way to add that extra storage without taking up extra space. If you need just need a little space or a lot you can find the right undercounter unit. Choosing between drawers and doors can also help you maximize your space.

Are Undercounter Freezers and Refrigerators just for restaurant use?

Undercounter units can be used in a variety of environments from commercial kitchens to bars and even residential areas. Since Undercounter units are so versatile it's difficult to say that they are only good for one application.

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