Commercial Undercounter Refrigerators

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Maximize cold food storage without sacrificing counter space with an undercounter refrigerator.

Undercounter refrigerators are a great way to save space in your busy kitchen or bar. These units are designed to fit under most standard height 36" countertops, giving them the nickname of "Lowboys." This compact refrigerator design ensures that valuable countertop space remains available while conveniently storing goods within reach. Full sized reach-in refrigerators take up space that could be used for countertops, while undercounter coolers allow for both refrigerators and countertops to be installed in the same place.

When looking to purchase an undercounter refrigerator, Burkett provides a wide variety of configurations. While some units are compact and suitable for low volume operations, others can accommodate larger commercial kitchens with up to three refrigerated sections. Additionally, we stock undercounter coolers with either drawers or doors depending on your preferences and needs. Some units also have glass doors to allow customers to view what food or beverages you have available.

It's important to note that undercounter refrigerators shouldn't be used as a surface for food preparation. The tops are constructed of stainless steel but are not certified as food-grade, which means that raw food can contaminate the surface and threaten the quality of your food and equipment. If you're looking for a similar commercial refrigerator that can be used as a prep surface, browse our wide selection of worktop refrigerators. Find the perfect undercounter refrigerator for your commercial kitchen from brands like True Refrigeration, Turbo-Air, and SEAGATE Refrigeration.

Frequently Asked Questions About Undercounter Refrigerators

What size refrigerator will fit under a countertop?

The standard height of a commercial countertop is 36”, and undercounter refrigerators are designed to fit under that height with the necessary clearance for airflow. The width you choose will depend on the specific space you are placing the unit. There are some approximate measurements based on number of sections for undercounter refrigerators:

  • Single section - 26" - 37"
  • Two sections - 48" - 60"
  • Three sections - 72" - 94"
  • Four sections - 111" - 119"

What type of interior lining should I choose?

There are several options for interior materials for undercounter refrigerators. Each lining type has a variety of different benefits.

  • ABS - This material is advertised as resistant to dents, chips, and rust. ABS can be a great option since it's thermoformed as one piece, leaving no room to bacteria to develop in corners or edges.
  • Stainless steel - This interior material is incredibly durable and unlikely to rust. Corner covers will be necessary to fully prevent spills from getting into seams if not immediately removed.
  • Aluminum - This material is the most economical and like stainless steel, won't rust. Aluminum is often less durable than stainless steel, but units with this interior lining will often feature stainless steel floors for added durability.

How do I install an undercounter refrigerator?

One of the main benefits of an undercounter refrigerator or freezer is the incredible mobility of the unit. Their smaller profile makes it easier to get this refrigeration unit into your restaurant, bar, or café. Refer to each model's spec sheet to ensure no further steps need to be taken, but many models can be placed, plugged in, and begin to be used as simply as that. Some even feature casters that allow for the refrigerator to be moved easily for cleaning and maintenance.

Other Refrigeration Options

Burkett has a variety of other refrigeration options available if you have different needs than undercounter refrigerators can offer. Reach-in refrigerators offer more storage, while walk-in coolers offer the most refrigerated storage. Merchandiser refrigerators are great for showing off your product in self-serve environments, as are open air merchandisers. Worktop refrigerators are very similar to undercounter refrigerators, but provide their own worktop to prepare food on instead of having to go underneath a countertop.