Worktop Refrigerators & Freezers

Worktop Refrigerators

Combine cold storage and prep space into one. Burkett offers worktop refrigerators with drawer or door access, and combination units that have both. Worktops are built to withstand the wear and tear of day-to-day use.

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Worktop Refrigerators

Worktop Freezers

Worktop freezers double as frozen storage and worktables. Sometimes the upright design of reach-ins can be limiting, so these compact units are ideal. Choose from units with drawers, doors, or a combination of both.

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Worktop Freezers

Worktop refrigerators and freezers are a must-have for industrial kitchens to combine cold storage with a workspace.

These refrigeration units include a durable work space and backsplash, as well as essential cold storage space. Store lunch meats, condiments, toppings, and more as close as possible to your prep area to achieve the highest quality of food in your deli, bakery, or restaurant. Choose from models with doors, or drawer access to best fit your restaurant's cold storage needs.

Worktop refrigerators and freezers look similar to undercounter refrigerators and freezers, but the food grade worktop and backsplash of worktop units provide additional prep table space that your kitchen staff will appreciate. Many of our worktop units are mounted on casters for added convenience and mobility.

Most of Burkett's worktop freezers feature a sleek stainless steel finish that is both durable and attractive in the kitchen. Some options feature Energy Star certification to help lower utility costs. Compare different brand-specific features to find the perfect model for your commercial kitchen needs from brands like True Manufacturing, Turbo-Air, and Delfield. Options like self-cleaning condensers, glass doors, combination drawer and door units, and LED lighting all play a different role in boosting your kitchen's productivity or appearance. Whether you're looking for a compact worktop refrigeration unit, or something with plenty of space to prep and store food, Burkett has the right commercial refrigerator for your restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions About Worktop Refrigerators and Freezers

What is the difference between a worktop refrigerator and an undercounter refrigerator?

Worktop refrigerators provide you with an area to work on, rather than just sitting under a workstation like an undercounter refrigerator. The base is refrigerated and the heavy-duty top acts as a work table for convenient food prep. Worktop refrigerators often feature a bolted or welded on backsplash to help contain messes. You may lose some kitchen space with worktop refrigeration compared to an undercounter fridge or freezer, but they're an excellent choice for restaurant kitchens that want to maximize the efficiency of their equipment.

How much clearance should I have for my worktop refrigerator or freezer?

All worktop refrigerators and freezers stand at a height of 36" or less, but the clearance required depends on the type of worktop refrigeration unit you have. Some units are front breathing and therefore easier to place against walls and other appliances. If you do not have a front breathing unit, typically about 6 inches of clearance is ideal, but always consult the owner's manual on how much clearance is best for the particular unit to eliminate the risk of malfunctions and costly repairs.

What kind of access should my worktop refrigerator or freezer have?

Worktop refrigeration units come in two access options - doors and drawers. The access type you choose depends on what you need to hold. Doors are the better choice for larger containers, jars, and boxes. Drawers are best used for storing food pans and bags of fresh ingredients. Some larger units have a combination of both doors and drawers for storing a variety of food ingredients.