Worktop Freezers

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Keep any frozen foods, from French fries to frozen soups, near the prep area with a worktop freezer.

Worktop freezers double as frozen storage and worktables. Attached backsplashes ensure that utensils won't get lost, and any messes that occur won't leave the workspace. While reach-in freezers can be a great option for added frozen storage, sometimes their upright design can be limiting in back of house operations. In tight spaces, a worktop unit is beneficial to the flow of food prep. Choose from units with drawers, doors, or a combination of both access types to best suit your business. Worktop freezers often come equipped with casters to add mobility to their convenient design. Burkett offers compact single-section units, as well as larger worktop freezers to cater to the needs of low- and high-volume operations.

Most of Burkett's worktop freezers feature a sleek stainless steel finish that is both durable and attractive in the kitchen. Some options feature Energy Star certification to help lower utility costs. Compare different brand-specific features to find the perfect model for your commercial kitchen needs from brands like True Manufacturing, Turbo-Air, and Delfield. Self-cleaning condensers, glass doors, drawer and door combinations, and LED lighting are all options that can enhance your kitchen's functionality or appearance in different ways. Whether you need a compact worktop freezer or a large one with plenty of space for food preparation and storage, Burkett has the perfect commercial freezer for your restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions About Worktop Freezers

What is the difference between a worktop freezer and an undercounter freezer?

Undercounter freezers and worktop freezers look similar, but the tops are very different. Worktops give you a strong, food-safe surface to work on, while undercounters are not made to prepare food or store equipment. To help contain spills, worktop freezers frequently have a backsplash that is bolted or welded onto the cabinet. Worktop freezers may take up a bit less room in the kitchen than an undercounter freezer, but it's a great option for commercial kitchens looking to get the most out of their appliances.

How much clearance should I have for my worktop freezer?

All worktop freezers are 36" or less in height, but depending on the type of worktop refrigeration unit you have, different clearances are needed. Some appliances have front breathing functionality, which makes it easier to place them against walls and next to other appliances. If you don't have a front breathing unit, 6 inches of clearance is generally ideal, but always check the owner's manual to see how much clearance is best for the particular unit to lower the risk of malfunctions and costly repairs.

What kind of access should my worktop freezer have?

The two access options for worktop freezers are doors and drawers. The access type you choose will depend on what you need to hold. Doors work better for larger jars, boxes, and containers. Drawers are the best place to store food pans and bags of fresh ingredients. Some larger units combine doors and drawers to store various food ingredients.