Glass Top Freezer Merchandisers

Want to increase your sales of frozen treats? Try a glass top freezer like one of these to increase point of purchase and impulse sales. From ice cream to pull apart rolls to take 'n bake pizzas, just about any frozen food benefits from an extra bit of merchandising, especially since it's targeting sales from outside the freezer section. Since many of these units are small and portable, you can get creative with suggestive pairings like frozen whipped toppings near fresh fruits.

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What’s the difference between glass top freezer merchandisers and chest freezers?

The difference between these two items are the lids. Merchandisers are used to display items attractively to possible customers while maintaining appropriate temperatures to maintain freshness. Chest freezers are used to store frozen foods, which is great for back of house applications.

What types of food items are ideal for a glass top freezer merchandiser?

These units are commonly used for frozen treats such as ice cream tubs, popsicles, and frozen fruit. Since its content can be seen through the glass lid, this is great for pushing current sale items, whether it be single frozen meals, vegetables, or smoothie blends. If your goods require a cool environment, then glass top freezer merchandisers can hold it.