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Pizza Prep Tables

Any foodservice establishment that prepares pizza can improve speed and consistency of with a pizza prep table. These tables have refrigerated cabinet bases and raised ingredient rails and pizza-wide cutting boards. When selecting a unit, take into account the overall width, compressor location and number of third-pans it will hold. The standard size pan used in ingredient rails is 12 inch long and 6 7/8 inch wide; depths can range from two to six inches. This allows for several different toppings to be placed in the ingredient rail, and each pizza prep table usually comes with a full complement of third pans. Adapters are also available if you need to use smaller size pans.Be sure to check the overall width of the pizza table to ensure it will properly fit into the space you have available. Also, the compressor unit is either located on one of the sides or in the back of the table. It is important to make sure that the compressor air vents are given sufficient clearance to allow for proper air flow. If the vents become blocked, the compressor motor can burn out, resulting in lost product and revenue.

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