Straight Glass Deli Cases

Straight Glass Deli Cases are great for traditional deli departments with their nearly vertical display that gives an excellent view of the products. You can easily store a wide variety of items, displaying them attractively while keeping them fresh and worthy of purchase. Straight Glass Deli Cases have a slightly slanted glass front that helps to reduce glare for optimal viewing.

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What's the difference between Single Duty and Double Duty?

Single duty deli cases have one refrigerated compartment that keeps the displayed foods at the proper temperature so foods stay ready to serve. Double duty cases include an additional lower compartment that can be used for bulk storage.

Can food be left out with this unit, or is it best to have foods covered?

These units are designed to put your products on display for customers, but you should follow all of the same processes you use for other refrigeration. Foods can be left out, but it is best to have foods covered to keep products from drying out.