Dishwasher Rack Dollies

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Move stacks of dishwasher racks anywhere you need to with a dishwasher rack dolly. These dollies come in multiple styles - some with handles and some without. You can also find the perfect color to match your style, as the dishwasher rack dollies come in options like blue, black, brown, and stainless steel. Whether you are moving your dirty dishes from the bus tub to the dishwasher or stacking freshly cleaned cups by the drink station, a dishwasher rack dolly will help you make the job easier.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dishwasher Rack Dollies

Should I Choose a Dolly With a Handle?

While a handle can make a dolly easier to steer, it is not essential. If you are moving the dishwasher racks a further distance, it is a good choice to have a handle. If it will only be moving around the kitchen, you will do fine without.

How Much Weight Capacity Does a Dishwasher Rack Dolly Have?

Dishwasher rack dollies have weight capacities that range from 300-600 lbs.