Hanging Glass Racks

If you ever find yourself short on storage space in your bar area, you might discover that hanging glass racks are the answer you are looking for. These hanging racks relocate wine glasses from back bar shelves or storage cabinets and store them above the bar area, out of the way and still within easy reach when they are needed. Hanging glass racks are designed for wine glasses with stems and bases. Once turned upside-down, the glasses slide easily into the glass racks and hang freely. This cuts down on the space needed to actually store the glasses, since they no longer need to take up valuable shelf space under the bar. The glass racks are easy to mount, and either hang from the ceiling or attach to the wall where they hang perpendicular to the wall.

When purchasing glass racks, consider the length of the rack, as well as how many spaces there are for hanging your wine glasses. Some racks are actually just called hangers, since they are more like a single, thin rack. Other glass racks include up to ten hanging spaces, each one able to accommodate four to six wine glasses. The glass racks also have decorative plating or metallic paint to complement other fixtures in the bar.