Mobile Plate Dispensers

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Using a mobile plate dispenser makes moving clean dishes around the kitchen or out to the service area easy.

For any food establishment that utilizes plates or dishes, you will need a way to transport and provide supplies. Mobile plate dispensers are easy and convenient ways to store and dispense clean plates for guests. These mobile plate dispensers come on movable casters making movement easy throughout the kitchen, bus room, and buffet lines.

Sizing & Capacity.

We offer a wide selection of configurations and capacities to help suit any size of business. Normal plate diameters range from 5" - 15", thus we have models to fit whichever size your establishment uses.

Multiple plate sections are available in these plate dispensers. Select from versions with 2, 3, or 4 sections. You can serve a larger number of dishes at once if there are more portions. For smaller businesses, use a double-sectioned unit, or consider a 4-sectioned unit for a crowded eating area.

When making a purchase of a mobile plate dispenser, be sure you have the appropriate sized dinnerware.


These mobile dish dispensers use a self leveling system to evenly push up plates when one is grabbed. This provides that your dispensers will always have plates on top that are easy and quick to grab for guests. When you run out of plates, you will need to manually reload the dispenser.


Mobile plate dispensers can be positioned anywhere they are needed thanks to their movable and lockable caster design. Because they are portable, these units may be moved from the service area to the dish area and back again with brand-new, clean dishes. Check out our selection of drop-in plate dispensers for more choices if you're considering customizing buffet lines or countertops.

Because they can be handled roughly, especially in a high-volume, high-turnover foodservice operation, these devices are made to be tough. Constructed from mostly stainless steel, plate dispensers on casters are easy for kitchen staff to clean. Cleaning your plate dispensers should be a daily task, and with these models it can be done quick.

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