Tray Dispensers

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Help keep food trays organized and easy for customers to access with one of these mobile tray dispensers.

Food trays are important for carrying multiple food items at once. For cafeterias and dining halls, tray dispensers are essential for helping your customers carry multiple dishes safely and securely.

These models come on roll-able casters for easy movement from bus area to service area. The mobility gives you options on where you want to position your tray dispenser. Being able to easily move these units also allows you to create buffet lines anywhere.

Sizing & Capacity

Tray dispensers are designed to accommodate the many different shapes and sizes of trays used in commercial kitchens. Dispensers are available in single platform and double platform styles. Choose a double platform for high-traffic buffets or cafeterias to increase tray capacity and reduce staff involvement.

The product's spec sheet or owner's handbook, as well as the product's individual page, provide information about the tray dimensions. The sizes of trays range from 11" x 15" to 18" x 26". Tray dispensers are rated by their maximum weight capacity. most frequently able to support 300 to 800 pounds at once.

When purchasing a mobile tray dispenser, be sure to find the correct sizing for your food trays.


Our tray dispensers use automatic self-leveling tray platforms to constantly keep trays available to easily grab for customers. This design is great for reducing staff involvement. While one tray is taken, the platform will rise up to ensure that there is always a tray up top for a customer or guest to easily grab. This design will continuously push up the next food tray until none are left.

Heated or Unheated

At Burkett, we offer both heated and unheated mobile tray dispensers. Heated tray dispensers are awesome because just like heated plate dispensers, these dispensers provide warm trays that can help keep your hot food hot for longer.

Heated trays can help your hot foods and hot plates stay at that delicious warm temperature for a bit longer than unheated trays. Using a heated tray dispenser is ideal for dining halls, catering events, and hot meal deliveries.


Most of these mobile tray dispensers are built using durable stainless steel. Most units are NSF certified. This makes them easy to clean for kitchen staff. They are also sure to last for years to come.

Trays can either be in an open design or enclosed design. The enclosed design may look a bit more clean, however, staff cannot see how many trays are in the unit at any given time.