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Coffee Satellites

Sometimes a decanter full of coffee simply is not enough to get you through those tough service times, morning coffee rush anyone? When you choose to add a satellite coffee maker to your coffee shop equipment lineup, you’re choosing a great solution to the problem: How do we make enough coffee and keep it hot? 

Satellite coffee brewers are a great choice for diners, restaurants, and busy coffee shops. They come as either automatic or pourover models, automatic simply attaches to your water source for plug and go convenience and pour over models have a water tank so you can use them wherever there is electricity, regardless of your water source. The difference is in what you’re brewing into, the satellite coffee brewers in this section brew coffee into a unique receptacle called a satellite server. The purpose of this type of server is to make it easy to brew your coffee in one place and transport it to wherever you are serving from, a buffet line perhaps? These servers can be used with a particular type of warmer as well, in case you need your coffee to stay fresh for several hours. Most satellite coffee servers have a sight glass so you can see how much product is left and a spigot for easy dispensing into a mug.

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