Hands Free Hand Sinks

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Hands free hand sinks are the perfect option for increasing your sanitary practices in any establishment. Washing your hands only to immediately touch a dirty handle to turn it off is a pointless action. Using a hands free sink allows you to clean your hands without ever touching the dirty sink handles, so you can be sure your hands are really clean. Hands free sinks come in all different styles, so find the best option for you at Burkett.

What kinds of hands-free hand sinks are there?

  • Knee Valve - these hand sinks provide a lever below the sink that is at average knee level to allow the user to press against it with their knee to start the flow of water. Some even include two levers - one for hot water and one for cold so you can control the temperature of the water like any typical sink.
  • Pedestal Base - these sinks are shaped like a pedestal and include a lever at the bottom to step on, allowing the flow of water to be controlled by the user’s foot.
  • Electronic - electronic hand sinks include a sensor at the bottom of the faucet that turns on when it senses hands in the sink and off once you remove them. These are the best option for ADA compliance as it allows for use of the sink without any kind of physical action taken by the user.