Rack Accessories

Rack accessories can add value and convenience to your dish racks, helping you to sort your wares more easily and streamline your warewashing process. You can find a variety of rack accessories like wall mounted sorting shelves, cup keepers, and rack covers to complement your dish racks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rack Accessories

What Is a Dish Rack Shelf Used For?

Dish rack shelves can hold dish racks, but they aren’t just for storage. The slanted construction allows you to easily reach the inside to organize the contents of the rack. This can be helpful for both filling the dish rack with dirty dishes as well as emptying them after washing.

How Do I Choose a Dish Rack Shelf?

All of our dish rack shelves are easy to mount to the wall above your sink, but there are different styles to choose from. If you choose a tubular design, water will be able to easily drain out and into the sink below. You can also choose from different size options, with shelves that can fit between one and three full size dish racks on them.