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Stack Chairs

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Stacking chairs are a convenient choice for banquet halls, catering operations or any restaurant that often needs to reconfigure seating. They easily nestle one on top of the other into towers of six to eight. This reduces the need for extra storage space and makes it easy to move the chairs after a lecture or banquet event, especially with the use of a dolly or cart. Seating is an important part of any dining experience, although often overlooked. Stacking chairs are extremely versatile and ideal for a range of food service establishments. Most have metal frames and plastic seats, making them more durable and lightweight. Wooden seats are also available for a more classic look, some with different stain jobs to match your tables or surrounding fixtures. Choose an upholstered cushion seat for extra comfort and even a splash of color. There are many colors to choose from, and even more options are available by phone if you need a different color. Many of the upholstered seats and backs are certified against flammability, helping to set you at ease in case of an emergency fire situation. For banquets or special events, wrap your chairs in linens to match a certain color palette or achieve a more elegant look. Make sure no one sits on the chairs once they are stacked, since they could buckle and fall under the weight, or the legs could bend out of place.

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