Aluminum Woks

When searching for a light-weight and versatile piece of cookware for your foodservice operation, or home, take a look at aluminum woks. Woks in a variety of styles and designs are available from Burkett. Aluminum cookware offers time and energy saving capabilities due to three primary qualities: great conductivity, strength and low cost. Aluminum cookware ensures that heat is quickly distributed from the bottom of the pan to its sides resulting in food uniformly surrounded by heat, making it perfect for use as a wok. The advantage of using a wok rather than a skillet is that the flared sides and depth permit rapid tossing of many ingredients and the use of minimum oil. While the sides remain cool, the bottom of the wok heats rapidly. Items are cooked perfectly in the bottom of the wok and then tossed with a constant motion to the sides.

We offer many different choices when it comes to aluminum woks, choose the right size for the dish you plan to make. We carry a wide variety of different sizes that range from under 10 inches in diameter, up to 30 inches in diameter. Don’t forget to select a stir fry wok with the right type of handle for you, we offer stick, loop and combination handles for your comfort and convenience.

Choose a large wok for your stir fry pan, the size will prevent ingredients from landing on your stove top when flipping the stir fry. For sauces or smaller dishes, choose from our selection of small woks. When it comes to wok cookware, choose a new aluminum wok for its lightweight versatility.

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