Iron Woks

When choosing your cast iron woks, size and the shape of the wok is most important. Traditionally, cooks chose round bottom woks. Round bottom woks work to cook the stir fry ingredients faster because the center of the pan is very close to the heat source while the sides are much cooler, when ingredients are stirred or shaken they will cook evenly instead of burning. Use your cast iron wok to deep fry all sorts of tasty goodies from egg rolls to cream cheese wontons and more, this incredibly versatile piece of Asian cookware can be used to sauté, steam, deep fry or stir fry foods with the help of appropriate wok accessories when needed. Cast iron is very easy to season, increase the mouthwatering flavor of a dish simply by maintaining a good season on your stir fry wok.

We offer many different choices when it comes to cast iron woks, choose the right size for the dish you plan to make. We carry a wide variety of different sizes that range from under 10 inches in diameter, up to 30 inches in diameter. Don’t forget to select a stir fry wok with the right type of handle for you, we offer stick, loop and combination handles for your comfort and convenience.

Choose a large wok for your stir fry pan, the size will prevent ingredients from landing on your stove top when flipping the stir fry. For sauces or smaller dishes, choose from our selection of small woks. When it comes to wok cookware, choose cast iron woks for their season, and heavy-duty, long-wearing durability.

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