Rice Ladles

The main purpose of rice ladles is to provide a consistent, easy way to scoop fluffy rice either behind the scenes or at the tabletop. The art of serving food in Asian cultures has become as much a part of the presentation as the food itself and guests will appreciate the ladles that tie into your dinnerware theme. The spoons are created with a thin, wide bowl that is designed specifically for lifting large quantities of rice and preventing sticking to the spoon. These scoops are available in both ornamental and basic styles.

For a more ornamental option, there are many rice scoops available that match different dinnerware collections. These scoops are made of lightweight, durable melamine that do not shatter or stain, so you can count on them for years of service. The subtle decorations on each one are small reminders of the artful addition to all Asian presentations; a tradition that takes its roots in intricate details.

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