Sushi Supplies

Sushi is a simple yet elaborate food product with intense flavor combinations and succulent textures. To make these flavors and textures truly come to life, it is important to use the right sushi supplies. Here, you will find a variety of specialized Asian equipment with authentic designs for both restaurant and home use.

Every sushi chef, whether in the home or the restaurant, will require a variety of unique sushi tools for rolling maki sushi, cutting fish or mixing rice. Supplies like specialized sashimi knives, bamboo mats and mixing paddles will provide you with everything you need to make sushi that replicates authentic Japanese cuisine.

For the commercial sushi chef or itamae, high-end refrigeration is a must-have item. Sushi-grade fish is the highest of quality and must be presented as such, since flavor is everything when it comes to sushi. Fish files keep fish separated in a cooled container rather than a freezer, which can strip the fish of its intense flavors. Divided drawers also keep the unique flavors of sushi separated so that they retain their subtlety. Commercial chefs will also benefit from other sushi equipment and supplies like special display cases, simple cooled cases that present the colorful rolls, sashimi and nigiri in their best light and keep the fish, rice and other components fresh when the sushi is not being immediately served.

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