Sushi Plates

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The various colors, flavors and layers of sushi, sashimi and hand rolls are an art form of the Asian culture with a admirable reputation in the western world. These vibrant presentations deserve a beautiful platform as well, and are typically presented on authentic wooden platters. Flat boards provide a generous amount of space for delicate sushi presentations, and wooden structure adds a clean, warm touch to the display without taking away from the beauty of the sushi itself. The trays are available both with a framed wooden border and a smooth flat plane. A border can beautifully showcase intricate displays, while a flat plane acts as a stage for all types of sushi. A raised option is an ideal model for large tables where it will be the centerpiece. Options without legs are also available for smaller tables or for an understated effect. The warm caramel hues of wood will bring a comfortable feel to every table setting and complement all types of décor.