Baking Pans

From muffins to quiches to tarts, when one starts thinking about the culinary delights rising in baking pans around the country, mouths are certain to start watering. Whether your business is a specialized bakery or you are a home chef looking to create the perfect cake, be certain your selection is the right one.

While they are all in the same section, these pans all serve very different purposes. Some bake up those delicious desserts we all crave and some roast the ideal entrée. Pate molds are very specific dishes designed to create recipes made with pate, game, venison or head cheese. These molds can generally not be used for any other food besides terrines and vice versa, terrines are not made well in any other type of dish.

If it's versatility you are looking for, baking sheets and pans for loaves can be used to create a variety of different dishes, from savory to sweet. Use a loaf pan to make your momma’s famous meatloaf or bake up your Pop’s secret recipe for the perfect banana bread. Sheet pans can be used to bake anything from cinnamon rolls to French fries. Just make sure to line the bottom of the pan with something non-stick to keep it looking good and help it last even longer.

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