Bar Caddies and Garnish Trays

Cocktail napkins, straws and toothpicks are just some of the specialized disposable supplies that can be found in bar caddies in just about every successful bar. Usually kept at the end of the bar near the wait station, bar caddies are simply the best way to organize your disposable bar supplies. Bar caddies are the most popular way to organize the many different types of disposable items that a bar uses on a regular basis. They can come with almost any number of compartments, but they typically hold between four and six separate items. These items can be anything from straws to cocktail picks to matches to almost any small, bar-related disposable product available. The one standard compartment that is the center of virtually all bar caddies is the compartment designed to hold cocktail napkins.

Many drinks are served with a signature garnish or a wedge of fruit to enhance flavors. These garnishes are just as important as the liquor itself and in most cases this is the finishing touch, the last bit of flare, before the customer is served. Condiment holders are designed to store fruits, olives and other garnishes on the bar top. If you have been to a bar recently, you have probably seen a condiment holder. These are the containers on the top of the bar, storing a range of garnishes. The main condiments found in these sectioned containers are oranges, cherries, limes and olives, although they can also store lemons, berries, pickles, melons and chunks of pineapple, depending on their application or the type of bar.

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