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Liquor Pourers

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If a bartender gets good at one thing throughout his or her time as a bartender, it’s pouring liquor. This is not as simple a task as it may seem, and in fact being consistent can be rather difficult. However, with practice and an accurate set of liquor pourers, any bartender can reach a high level of quality and consistency. Liquor pourers are essentially fitted spouts that fit into the mouths of liquor bottles. Pourers provide narrow spouts for pouring out liquor into shot glasses or directly into mixed drinks. Many pourers are made of plastic, and some are even designed to be thrown away after one event. The pourers made of metal are designed for greater durability.

There are a few basic types of liquor pourers. Typically, pourers are either free-flowing or measured. Free-flow pourers pour liquor freely, continuously pouring while the bottle is turned at an angle. Measured pourers include a tiny ball bearing which measures out a precise amount of liquor during every pour, stopping after that amount is poured. Measured pourers typically make easy work of pouring accurate amounts. Some bartenders, however, have been trained to pour "by count" and are able to determine the exact amount of liquor they are pouring simply by counting as they pour. Experienced bartenders learn to do this consistently and accurately. And consistent, accurate pours are good for the business as well as customers.

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