Wine Buckets and Stands

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Wine, like any other food, has specific serving temperatures. Most reds should be served slightly cooler than room temperature. Whites and champagnes need to be cooler still, often chilled. To prevent the whites from going warm and flat at the table, a wine bucket is necessary. Presentation is also an important consideration when selecting a wine bucket. Various metal, accented metal and plastic buckets are available to match your décor. There are also smaller buckets or wine coolers that do not have any room for the customary ice. These are ideal for displaying reds or other wines that do not need to be chilled.

Regardless of the wine bucket you select, be sure it either comes with or has a matching stand. Wine bucket stands make it possible to store a cold bottle next to the dining table, within easy reach but not cluttering the tabletop. Many wine buckets have directly matching wine bucket stands, but few come in the same package. Wine bucket stands are typically designed to be placed on the floor at about table-height to provide easy access for seated guests. Wine buckets are often designed with rounded bottoms, making some sort of holder or stand necessary to even use it. Choose a style that fits the décor in your restaurant or hotel, and be sure the wine bucket you plan to use actually fits into the stand. Call a salesperson if you have any questions about this.