Chef Apparel

Yes, there are a lot of choices when it comes to clothing in the commercial kitchen. It is designed to be both attractive and functional and there are a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors to choose from. Shop around our selection of Chef Apparel and you are certain to find the right restaurant clothing for you and your staff.

When choosing the type of clothing that you would like your staff to wear, it is important to consider the different attributes of 100% cotton and poly-cotton blends being used in the fabric. There are several characteristics that may impact your decision. In general, cotton is viewed as the superior material as it is far more breathable and generally fitting the body better. An important factor to consider in the kitchen is that cotton, being a natural fiber, is less likely to catch on fire from an errant spark from the range.

Poly-cotton blends are a more economical option to 100% cotton clothing. It is more affordable and its most desirable characteristic is that it is virtually wrinkle free. Because of this quality, poly-cotton blends are more suited for front of the house use because uniforms will remain crisper looking throughout a long shift. It is important to be careful around open flames when wearing any polyester blends because the synthetic materials have a fairly low spark point.

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