Chef Jackets

Chef jackets or coats are an essential part of a cook’s uniform. There are a wide variety of jackets to choose from on the site, from poly-cotton blend to 100% cotton. Though the traditional color is white, there are a number of other colors available and the sizes range from a women’s small to a men’s 4XL. The chef uniform that is used in many kitchens around the world is virtually the same uniform as was used centuries ago. Each part of the uniform serves a distinct purpose and is designed the way it is for very functional reasons. Take the chef jacket for example; it is double breasted so that it can be easily reversed to hide large stains that are made over the course of a long, busy night. The double layer provided by the double breast helps protect chefs from being burned by hot liquids. The double layer is also insulation for the cooks from the overall heat of the stove in the commercial kitchen. The buttons are covered with knotted cotton, because cotton can stand up to more wear and tear than plastic buttons. The cotton can be washed more frequently and resists the contact it makes with hot pots and pans throughout the back of the house.

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