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Chef Shirts

Today’s modern cook may not want to bend to tradition and can buck the double breasted coat trend for a chef’s shirt. The shirts are short sleeved and have a single layer of material in the front. The shirts are much cooler and can help a cook from overheating in a sweltering kitchen in the middle of the summer. The chef’s shirt can be chosen for the entire staff or it can be used in the kitchen to denote rank. Whereas the higher level chefs and executive chefs may wear the double breasted, reversible jacket, cooks that work in the food preparation areas maybe given these more affordable coats. The thought behind this being that a sous chef needs to earn their chef’s coat. These short sleeved alternatives are generally made with polyester and are completely wrinkle free. The downside of the fabric is that it is not as breathable and can cause extra sweating in some employees.

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