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Baking Sheet Pans

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The ubiquitous sheet pan can be found in commercial kitchens throughout the world. It is a necessity when baking, particularly flat products such as cookies, dinner rolls or biscuits. They can be found in many different materials, but are predominantly available in stainless steel or aluminum. They are also available in several sizes and gauges. Baking sheet pans are found in three sizes: full size, half size and quarter size. A standard full size is 18” x 26” and is far too large for a residential oven. They are designed for mass production in a commercial kitchen. Half size pans are about 18” x 13”. These will fit in some residential ovens, but it may be a tight squeeze. Quarter size pans are 9” x 13” and are the best bet for residential use. They can also be used in commercial establishments for making small batches of a less popular menu item. When looking at metal gauges in your sheet pan, remember that the lower the number, the better the quality. A 19-gauge pan is the most economical gauge and is best to consider when price is the only factor making your decision. 16-gauge metal is a good compromise between quality and affordability as it sits comfortably in the middle. For the highest quality gauge, 12-gauge metal is tops. This heavy-duty pan will stand the test of time and outlast many of your other kitchen supplies.

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