Stainless Steel Sauce Pans

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Stainless steel sauce/saute pans are the perfect pick for professional chefs creating gourmet cuisine on a daily basis. Offering a thorough, even heat source for keeping savory sauces and scrumptious sauted veggies at ideal temperatures, these sturdy pans give cooks more control. Stainless steel sauce pans are the most popular tool in the kitchen and are used on nearly every recipe from creating sugar syrup to making the perfect red sauce for pasta. There’s nothing these wonders can’t do. But being used so much in the commercial kitchen, it is important for the pans to be taken care of before and after they are used. To prevent grime and grease and all sorts of food debris from sticking to the interior of your pans, it is an excellent idea to season your pans before you use them. It is a fairly simple process and can take a little over an hour. To season your stainless steel pans, pour a generous amount of cooking oil into the pan and swirl it around, making certain that it coats not only the bottom, but the sides of the pan as well. Once properly coated, place it in the oven to bake at around 350°F for about an hour. Remove the pan and let it cool and then wipe the excess oil out of the pot. Rinse and dry it and place it, uncovered, in a cool and dry storage area.